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For those people who would like to have a more direct contact with these incredible and friendly marine mammals, Splash offers an incredible experience of Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with these beautiful and friendly mammals represents more than tranquility and emotion, an exciting experience to share some minutes with one of the most intelligent creatures in the world.

Swimming with dolphins is the most fascinating experience offered by Splash Aquatic Park. This practice gives the opportunity to swim freely and interact with a beautiful pair of bottlenose dolphins from the Caribbean.

The swimming program lasts 45 minutes (15 minutes of orientation and explanation). 15 minutes of free swimming, which is a period of adaptation that the dolphins require and 15 minutes of interactive exercises with the dolphins.

Hug, kiss, play, sing and dance with them, you will see how friendly they are as they take you around the pool with their dorsal fins.

LOCATION Splash Aquatic Park Vallarta
TICKETS Adults 12 and older
Kids 8 to 11
SCHEDULE Monday to Sunday
*Local Time in Jalisco
RECOMMENDED CLOTHING Comfortable clothes preferably full bath suit (Top and bottom to avoid sunburn)
RESERVATIONS To swim with the dolphins it is necessary to reserve and confirm the assistance.
The swimming session could be changed or canceled if the safety or health of the dolphins so requires.
  • Reservations must be made at least 7 days in advance.
  • Reservation changes and cancellations must be made at least 2 days before the scheduled date.
  • Reservation changes and cancellations one day before the scheduled date are subject to a 50% charge.
  • Cancellations and reservation changes within 24 hours prior to the scheduled date apply a full charge.
INCLUDED Juice or coffee
Access to all facilities (pools, slides, lazy river, etc.)
Access to the show of dolphins, seals and sea lions.
Swim with dolphins and interact with them for a period of 45 minutes.
  • It is not allowed to introduce any type of jewelry such as rings, watches, chains, bracelets that could damage the skin of the dolphins during swimming.
  • It is recommended to leave the objects in your hotel, you could lose them.
  • People who are in the swim session , they should be careful when touching the dolphins. Do not touch them with your nails. Do not touch their eyes or the blowhole on the back.
  • It prohibits any type of sunscreen, sunblock or oil, These leave residues that affect the dolphins.
  • People who are in the program of swimming with dolphins must wear a lifejacket (Provided by Splash) without exception.
  • Family or friends accompanying people who are in the swim with dolphins program can enter without cost, as long as they leave SPLASH when the swim with dolphins concludes.
  • If they decide to stay, they will have to pay the admission ticket (the people who swam with the dolphins can stay in the Splash at no extra cost).
  • It is allowed to enter camera (Only authorized staff can take pictures when doing activities with dolphins at an extra cost)
  • Swimming with the dolphins is not allowed for children under 6 years of age.
  • People who are in the swim with dolphins program should follow the instructions and obey the instructor at all times.


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